Sharmain Lowe

Sharmain Lowe

Sharmain Lowe grew up in the picturesque Yarra Valley where from a very young age she found ways to unleash her creative spirit. Sharmain is an emerging artist, breaking into the Melbourne art scene with dramatic, large scale, abstracts works. Sharmain loves layers and texture and uses inks and acrylic paints as her primary medium. She uses a combination of palette knife, paint brush and pouring techniques to achieve her colours, and builds up her texture with layers of impasto. Sharmain works from her studio at her beautifully landscaped outer-Melbourne home, producing mostly free flowing abstract forms but also occasionally delves into realism and structured lines.

“I love the beautiful colours produced when paints and mediums mix and intertwine with each other. I’m not always sure where it will take me. I let the painting guide me.”

Visiting Sharmain’s studio, her joy for colour and creating art is obvious. Her every wall is lined with the latest pieces, the passion and excitement for each springs off the canvas and instantly transfers to its viewer. One can’t help but be swept up in the energy that has been poured into them.

Sharmain’s work resides in a number of private collections and galleries across Melbourne and New South Wales. Her pieces are the delight of several beach homes and have been featured in home-styling photoshoots.


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