Monica Henry

Monica Henry

Monica Henry is a Geelong based artist who culminates her skills in design and her family history of working in wool to create her floral textile artworks. Henry has an Advanced Diploma of arts and continued her study at Geelong Fine Art School. She has travelled extensively through Asia, USA, Canada, and has been profoundly influence by her time living in Japan.

Inspired by textures, fabrics, botanical nature and the movement of the threads, Henry brings these elements into her designs through rhythm and flow. She uses a wide selection of different wools together with a range of stitches and techniques to create patterns, textures levels and contrast.

Henry is also an adept painter and fabric designer, however her style has evolved as she has grown as a person and artist and she has found her niche in her detailed wool work. Her has work represented in private collections throughout Australia and internationally including the USA, Europe, Japan and NZ.


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