Lara Scolari

Lara Scolari

Holding a Masters in Cross Disciplinary Art & Design from the University of New South Wales and with many years’ experience working in the Arts and Cultural sector, Sydney artist, Lara Scolari expresses her wealth of knowledge within her arts practice. With influences such as Brett Whiteley, John Olsen and Mark Rothko, Lara has developed her own distinct approach to the abstract expressionist style. Lara’s trademark style uses an intensive process of building up translucent layers to create depth, and a variety of media to enhance and finish her artworks, including inks, pastels, oil sticks, and gold leaf.

“My paintings provide a space for the viewer to engage with this spectrum of energy that then provokes conversation and thought.”

Lara’s artworks explore organic forms, lines and fluid shapes inspired by memory, meditation, music and reflect the natural landscape and cultural essence of Australia. Her compositions aim to create an enlivening space for contemplation and a resting place for thoughts.

From North America across to Europe, Asia and Australia, Lara’s Award winning art work is represented in public and private collections throughout the world.