Kylie Sirett

Kylie Sirett

Working predominantly in oil, Kylie Sirett works from her studio in Hurstbridge, Victoria. Kylie draws inspiration for her intimate still life works from her immediate surroundings, using readily available produce and common household objects. Each painting is a study of light, texture and composition. Using a combination of carefully selected natural forms and vintage kitchenalia, Kylie’s compositions highlight not only the aesthetic beauty of these items through colour, form and light but also their relationship to one another and the space they individually hold.

After completing high school Kylie began her fine art training at Foostcray TAFE, she completed the first year, focusing on drawing and oil painting. However she decided not to continue, instead accepting a Graphic Arts Apprenticeship, putting the brushes and pencils down for almost 15 years. Her passion for drawing and painting was re-ignited in 2008 and she hasn’t stopped creating since. Kylie’s time in the graphic arts industry has provided a solid background in colour, composition and traditional printing techniques as the industry moved into the digital world.

Kylie attempts to capture the beauty of the every day object and gift to the the viewer her same appreciation for the items mundane. “With a unique artistic voice and a playful and evocative exploration of planet Earth’s colour palette, I strive to inspire humankind through inventive and experimental work.”

Kylie has been fortunate to have worked with a number of inspiring mentors including Paul Borg, Nell Frysteen and David Moore, each have passed on a knowledge of skills and techniques as well as instilled a belief of the importance of her individual approach.

Kylie Sirett is an award winning painter whose works can. be found in galleries across Victoria and homes across Australia.