Garth Henderson

Garth Henderson

Garth Henderson is a Melbourne-based artist whose current work explores the space between the real and the virtual, utilising 3D modelling and sculpting software to form intricately detailed studies that push the boundaries of Australian botanical art. Garth’s exquisitely hyper-real artworks explore the complex geometric beauty of iconic Australian natives, presenting in final form as limited edition archival prints on museum paper. Garth has a Bachelor of Fine Art from Curtin University, Perth WA, with majors in Photography and Printmaking, and an Advanced Diploma of Media from RMIT, Victoria.

“My visual style is informed by my background in photography and horticulture, as well as a childhood spent in a botanically-rich corner of Western Australia. I am primarily interested in organic geometry, in particular the unique permutations to be found in Australian flora. My works are an investigation of their complex form: plant species as mathematical constructs and organic architecture.“

“The iconic banksia species has become a signature theme of mine. As a child growing up in this unique region, there was much time spent outside exploring the scrubby native bushland around our house. Banksias, whether in bloom or later as fruiting cones, are inherently engaging to a young wandering mind. 90% of Banskia species are endemic to this region also, so it’s a personal history of experiencing them from a young age, and coming back to them later in life in a creative discipline. My experience of them as a child was my introduction to the gnarly wonder of the unique natural Australian environment. Having had the luxury of a formal education in the Visual Arts, and also an immersive vocational career in horticulture, returning to this subject matter as an artist results in an almost meditative state of observation of natural mathematics.”

Garth has work represented in private collections throughout Australia, and internationally in Seoul and New York.