Celia Fernandez

Celia Fernandez

Celia Fernandez is an Argentinian artist based in Sydney, Australia. Her travels gave her the opportunity to see many iconic artworks in person and this experience enriched both her life and creative side. Self-taught, Celia spent many years learning through practice, observation, analysis, reading and experimentation before she decided to pursue a career as an artist.

Her painting style is heavily influenced by the 60's movement Op Art, thus she tends to create an optical effect in most of her works. She is fascinated by the perception of movement that can be achieved by the combination of colours and their contrast. Inspired by two of her most influential artists, Bridget Riley and Yayoi Kusama, she developed her own technique, by the use of dots she explores shapes, colour fields and reactions. She also creates collages with a geometrical approach and a mix between organic movement and hard edge.

"I left my home country at age 22, this not only marked the beginning of my independence but also the awakening of a dormant passion for visual arts.

I spent many years exploring different techniques and styles, I first fell in love with photography until I began to explore painting and this has been my main focus for the last few years. I explore the interaction between colour and shape with an Op-Art influence through dotting abstraction."

Celia is a recent prize-recipient in this year’s Belle Magazine ArtStart program for her “pop pointillism” piece, Cascades. “This painting is very close to my heart,” says Celia. “It’s the one that said ‘OK, this is it, I think I’ve found my language, I’ve found my style.’” You can read more about Celia’s recent achievement in her feature article.