Is Art Important Right Now?

In these uncertain times we are all making changes to our daily lives and working out our priorities. So, should art be one of them?

If art has never been an integral part of your life, then perhaps the answer is no. But for those of us out there with an eye for the aesthetic, a curious mind that challenges the norms and the appreciators of the creative, then perhaps this is the time when the arts will be more important than ever.

Art Humour

Have you ever noticed that in troubling times we see more, share more and connect more with the topical, humorous images on social media, the satirical skits on TV and the silly songs and dances that come about? As we flick through ever depressing news, it is the satirists making light of the grim situation that keep us buoyed. Even if just in that moment, our spirits are lifted, and in all we manage to carry on. The adage, “you have to laugh or else you’ll cry” seems so fitting, and we could all use a good laugh right about now (especially as there are no tissues to be found!).

Art Frenzy

Artists have had their fairs and exhibitions cancelled, galleries have closed and shared studios are being locked down. Does this stop the artist? Well, just about nothing will stop the true passion of the artist pouring our onto canvas, paper, clay - whatever their medium. In times of turbulence, artists find themselves even more connected to their work. And, as we all enter our bubbles of isolation, artists are pointing out that this is their normal anyway - painting quietly by themselves.

Galleries and online stores are going out of their way to show and deliver art to you. At Vernissage Art we have artworks wrapped and ready to send to our overseas customers when restrictions have been lifted, and are offering free Aus shipping, free returns - you name it. And we’re not the only ones. There are discounts, sales and new, inventive ways that stores and artists are generating interest and supporting each other, such as the Instagram hashtag craze #artistsupportpledge.

Dinah Wakefield's Maili 2, bringing a sense of flowing watery clam.

Art Calm

Let’s take a moment to breathe and cast our minds to some philosophical questions about why we have art in our culture - why is it created, supported and bought? From our early human beginnings it has been a tool of expression, understanding and joy for both the creator and the viewer. And so it is today, with creatives making pieces that express themselves, send a message and challenge our thinking, and we react in the ways that reflect our own tastes and thoughts. We don’t love, understand, or connect every piece of art and that’s why it’s important that the pieces we buy we do enjoy. Whether we think they are a good investment or not, the pieces we surround ourselves with should bring us happiness and calm, and keep us looking at and enjoying for years. At this time, calm, happiness and something enjoyable to look at within your home is a great idea!

So we say yes, art is so important right now, for so many reasons. We may be stuck indoors, we may feel worried about the future and perhaps just sick of talking about hand washing and hoarders. In this time we suggest turning to the arts and allowing yourself to laugh, dream and breathe… and perhaps a spot of online shopping to grab that special art piece?