Monica is a Geelong based artist who culminates her skills in design and her family history of working in textiles to create these sublime tactile designs. Inspired by textures, fabrics, botanical nature and the movement of the threads, Monica brings these elements into her designs through rhythm and flow. You can’t help but want to run your hands over her gorgeous work and feel your way around her art. Monica uses a huge selection of different wool's together with a range of stitches and techniques - at times taught and neat, and other times long and shaggy. Her works draw you in to spend time with them, notice the detail, enjoy the softness and lose yourself in the designs.

Monica has an Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts and has studied a number of creative subjects such as fabric design, photography, life-drawing, screen-printing and fine arts.

“My aim is to create art that is visually beautiful, capturing the viewers eye and pulling them into the artwork, with no real beginning or end to the piece”— MONICA HENRY


Here you can see the different WOOLS, stitches and techniques Monica Henry uses to create interest and depth in her work.

Can’t quite work out the scale? This piece is taller than Monica herself, however it can be hung horizontally as well.