Feature Artist: Zory McGrath

Zory McGrath is a Melbourne based contemporary artist and Master Iconographer born and raised in Bulgaria. She is formally trained in classical art and is highly skilled in various painting forms from photo-realism portraiture to religious abstraction. Zory only uses the highest quality materials including the highest pigment oil paints, linen imported from Belgium, custom made stretchers frames, French oak frames and 24ct gold sheet.

Zory has exhibited and taught art workshops across Europe, and is now settled in Melbourne to expand her audience in Australia. Her most recent exhibitions have focused on abstract-expressionism, focusing on identity. In these works, Zory draws parallels to the religious symbolism from her iconography through vibrant colour, endowing the colours with both expressive and symbolic meaning.

Zory’s Rising Tall clearly demonstrates this connection with the obvious posing of the figure: face to the viewer, tilted head, the shadow line over the brow and wistful expressions.

Zory McGrath’s work can now be found in galleries both locally and internationally. She has had her work accepted in major art prizes and continues to push herself and her portrait work.

Zory’s work has been sold throughout Australia and internationally, with high demand for her attention to quality, expert use of colour and powerful emotive figures. Zory also works with clients to create a commissioned piece - please contact our friendly team to discuss details.