Feature Artist: Kenshi Kondo

Contemporary Japanese artist, Kenshi Kondo, has been practising art since he was a child. His work references the pop art of the 60's, the street art of the 80's and features iconic imagery and faces through to recent times.

“I have engaged in art in different forms since I was in my youth and have been immersed and influenced by the 1960s and 1980s street art as a fashion designer and framer. My works are made from cloth and sewn by sewing machine using my experience and techniques as a fashion designer."

"l feel that the value of art in Japan is lower than in other countries. In Australia, I guess that art is a part of people's usual life. That's why I decided to hold my first exhibition in Australia, with Vernissage Art, where art is regarded highly. I'd like you to just enjoy the combination of different pictures, colours, material and patterns.”

Vernissage Art is proud to represent Kenshi Kondo and to be the only Australian gallery to hold his work.