Feature Artist: Charlotte Elizabeth

Charlotte Elizabeth has been working with paint professionally for over fifteen years. A prestigious training in theatre design preceded a busy career as a Theatrical Scenic Artist in London’s West End. Working with some of the best scenic artists in the world, Charlotte created huge scale backcloths and murals for many famous venues. The Royal Opera House, The ENO and even the Olympic Opening Ceremony make up her CV. Examples of Charlotte's work can be seen on stage and screen all over the world.

A move to Asia inspired a change in direction, Charlotte has been empowered to exhibit her own personal work. Her debut series of paintings has been met with much acclaim. ‘Singapore Skies’ are large scale ethereal abstract cloudscapes. Each piece inspired by the incredible sky-high architecture of Singapore and the dramatic tempestuous climate.

“Each piece is an exploration of colour and form, inspired by my life among the clouds in Singapore. A city dominated but sky high architecture with a dramatic and tempestuous climate. I intend these pieces to be a meditative and mindful experience for the viewer, a reminder for the modern world to take a moment to simply look up.”

My years as a scenic artist has taught me to be bold, ambitious and confident when working with paint. I delight in the magical transformative quality of working with layer upon layer of colour, pigment and tone. I’m inspired by the glory of nature’s elements and the drama of the skies.”

“Every painting is a journey, layered with my identity, as a woman, an artist, a mother, a fighter, a nurturer. My work is an instinctive, sensorial, tactile experiment where the colour does the talking and I merely allow the images to reveal themselves.”