Feature Artist: Amy Kim

Amy Kim was born in Seoul and moved to Melbourne in 2000 to study fine art at the Victorian College of Arts where she majored in painting. Her paintings are inspired by the, at times, episodic and mundane nature of daily life, as well as reaching into her memories of people, objects, events and feelings which are painfully subjective but which long for objective appreciation. Like her memories, her artworks are vague, undefined, untamed, disorganised and fragmentised. Others reflect her emotional connection to these memories and are sharp, vivid and bold.

Amy’s current series of work explores the multicultural and multifaceted identity of being a woman. She uses colour and shape to represent the conflicts she carries between those different roles she plays as a woman: mother, wife, sister, daughter, Korean woman married to an Australian man, female artist etc.

These colours are juxtaposed, layered and interwoven to make a balance to fit in such forms. Her appreciation for the contrasts and harmony in nature are paramount in her work: themes of imperfectly perfect beauty, vulnerability with resilience, and essence and existence are explored and shared through her paintings.

Amy’s paintings aim to open a dialogue between these hard edges and create connections between her and her viewers.